Video Avatars

We used a voice track from an existing video, and created an avatar that mimics the facial expressions and lip movements of the person speaking. The result is realistic enough to be used in a virtual reality setting. You will be able to see the person speaking, and the avatar will lip sync with the voice track. The audio was taken with permission from a TedX talk, you can look at it for comparison.

This technology can be used to create realistic 3D models of people. This could be used for movies, video games or virtual reality applications. The Metaverse is one example of how this technology can be used to create a virtual world that mimics the physical world. Imagine a world where you can meet with your friends and family in a virtual setting and interact with them as if you were in the same room.

The challenge with this technology is to create avatars that look and feel realistic. Creating an avatar that looks like a real person is not enough. The avatar needs to be able to mimic the facial expressions and lip movements of the person speaking. This is a difficult task and the technology is still in its early stages.

One potential application for this technology is to create digital assistants. Imagine being able to have a conversation with a digital assistant that looks and sounds like a real person. The digital assistant could answer your questions, help you with your work and even provide you with emotional support.

Another interesting use case is educational videos where the technology is used to render a 3D model of a person that is giving a lecture. The avatar would lip sync with the audio track of the lecturer and the result would be a realistic and engaging educational video.

Here you see a couple of YouTube videos in various languages – all of them are "Explainer" videos where you only hear the voice. Compare them with our version, where we generated an AI avatar into the videos!

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